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Featuring One-of-a-Kind Crochet Patterns, Exclusively from Craft Designs for You!
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No waiting, instant download for these select patterns. You don't even need a Ravelry account.
Baby Owls Set
Baby Owls Set
Popcorn Patchwork Blankie for Girls
Popcorn Patchwork Blankie for Girls
Popcorn Patchwork Blankie for Boys
Popcorn Patchwork Blankie for Boys
Baby Patchwork Set
Baby Patchwork Set
Chic Cowled Poncho
Chic Cowled Poncho
Panda Filet Afghan
Panda Filet
Pawprints on My Heart Afghan
Pawprints on My Heart
Crochet Snow Kitty Afghan
Snow Kitty
Crochet Autumn Kitty Afghan
Autumn Kitty
Crochet Spring Kitty Afghan
Spring Kitty
Crochet Cuddly Canines Afghan & Pillows
Cuddly Canines
Sweet Kitty Afghan & Pillows
Sweet Kitties

~ EASY FILET DESIGNS ~ Fun to crochet these elegant and easy Filet projects!
Crochet Filet Spring Dishcloths
Filet Spring Dishcloths
Crochet Filet Summer Dishcloths
Filet Summer Dishcloths
Crochet Filet Autumn Dishcloths
Filet Autumn Dishcloths
Crochet Filet Winter Dishcloths
Filet Winter Dishcloths
Crochet Cabin in the Woods Afghan & Pillows
Cabin in the Woods
Crochet Filet Inspirational Bookmarks
Inspirational Filet Bookmarks
Crochet Easy Filet Spring Afghan & Pillows
Spring Afghan & Pillows
Crochet True Love Afghan
True Love Afghan
Crochet Easy Filet Winter Afghan & Pillows
Winter Afghan & Pillows
Crochet Filet Lighthouse and Dolphins Afghan
Lighthouse & Dolphins
Crochet Filet Butterfly Afghan
Butterfly & Hearts
Kitty in the Window Afghan
Kitty in the Window

~ DARLING BABY PATTERNS ~ Beautiful items to crochet for your baby!
Cozy Critter Hats & Mittens for Kids
Cozy Critter Hats & Mittens
Crochet Winter Princess Party Dress
Winter Princess Party Dress
Crochet Tulip Garden Baby Layette
Tulip Garden Baby Layette
Crochet Sleepy Time Panda Set
Sleepy Time Panda Set
Baby Filet Set for Girls
Baby Filet Set for Girls
Baby Filet Set for Boys
Baby Filet Set for Boys
Baby Filet Blankets
Baby Filet Blankets
Crochet Baby Animals Blankie
Baby Animals Blankie
Crochet Dinosaurs Afghan, Pillow & Pets
Crochet Dinosaurs Afghan, Pillow & Pets
Butterfly Flower Baby Poncho and Hat Butterfly Flower Baby Blanket
Butterfly & Flowers Baby Fashion Set
Snuggly Baby Set Snuggly Baby Set
Snuggly Baby Set
ABC Baby Blocks Afghan
ABC Baby Blocks Afghan
Crochet Honey Bunny Sweater & Afghan Set
"Honey Bunny" Sweater & Afghan
Crochet Baby Clouds Blankies
Baby Clouds Blankies Collection
Crochet Snowbaby Layette
Snowbaby Layette
Crochet Kitten Sweater
"Princess Kitty" Sweater

~ BEAUTIFUL AFGHAN PATTERNS ~ Great Gifts and for Your Home!
Crochet Birds of Paradise Afghan
Birds of Paradise Afghan
Crochet Stunning Sunflower Afghan
Stunning Sunflower Afghan
Crochet Songbird Afghan and Pillows
Songbird Afghan & Pillows
Crochet Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Afghan
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Afghan
Crochet Balloons at Sunset Afghan
Balloons at Sunset Afghan
Soccer Star Crochet Afghan
Soccer Star Afghan
Ladybugs and Sunflowers Crochet Afghan
Ladybugs & Sunflowers Afghan
Snowman and Friends Crochet Afghan
Snowman & Friends Afghan
Lighthouse Afghan
Lighthouse Afghan & Pillow

~ JEREMY & JULIE DOLLS ~ Darling twins to crochet with precious outfits, accessories and animal friends!
Jeremy & Julie Dolls
Jeremy & Julie Dolls
Jeremy & Julie Dolls in Snowy Day Outfits and Snowman
Snowy Days
Jeremy & Julie Dolls in Camouflage Outfits and Buddy the Puppy
Camos and Puppy
Jeremy & Julie Dolls in Thanksgiving Pilgrim Outfits
Thanksgiving Pilgrims
Jeremy & Julie Dolls Formal Outfit and Heather Kitty
Dress Up & Kitty
Jeremy & Julie Dolls Rainy Day Outfits and Goose
Rainy Days & Goose
Jeremy & Julie Dolls Beach Day Outfits and Beachball
Beach Days

~ CUTE CROCHET TOYS ~ Make these precious animals and toys for someone you love!
Crochet Panda Bears
Cuddly Panda Bears
Crochet Puppies
Precious Puppies
Crochet Ducklings
3 Little Ducklings
Seasonal Teddy Bears
Seasonal Teddy Bear Couples
Precious Penguin
Precious Penguin
Crocheted Soccer Ball
Soccer Ball

~ ACCESORIES ~ Fun to crochet for you and your home!
Four Seasons Tapestry Totes
Four Seasons Tapestry Totes
Pansy Pillow
Pansy Pillow
12 Crochet Coasters of the Month
Coasters of the Month

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