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~ Teach a Child a Craft ~

Is there a child - a family member, friend or neighbor
to whom you could pass on your love of crafts?

Below you will find Cherie's tips on teaching children
how to do cross-stitch, plastic canvas and crochet

By the age of 7 - 8 years old, most children are ready to learn how to do stitching - some may even be ready sooner.

Some general tips for teaching any craft to children:

*Break up your lessons into small segments - don't try to teach too many things at one time - let your child "master" each step before proceeding to the next

*Keep your sessions short and fun - try to end each lesson when your child has been successful, so he or she will happily anticipate the next lesson

*Use large needles, hooks, yarns and materials

*Use patterns and designs that are simple and colorful - let your child pick out fun colors of their choice

*Be encouraging - if your child gets "stuck" on something or discouraged with his/her results, point out what they are doing well and offer a funny story of your own mistakes

*Have fun! :)


*Use 11-Count or 7-Count Aida Fabric

Click Here to learn HOW TO Cross Stitch

*Choose a simple, fun pattern - one that has only basic cross stitches (no advanced stitches) and uses only a few different floss colors. Click Here for many fun free designs.

*Let them practice making cross stitches on some scrap material before they begin their actual project - have the floss already "started" in the scrap fabric with some sample cross stitches for them to follow

*Circle the center stitch on their graph and mark the center on their fabric for them

*Consider letting your child knot the floss to begin their stitches, and then show them how to weave in the end of the floss on the back side when ending.

*Don't be concerned if the cross stitches go in different directions

*The goal is to have your child complete a small, fun project that will make him/her want to pick out another project to do next!


*Use 7-Count or 5-Count Clear Plastic Canvas

*Choose a simple fun pattern - one that is small and has only a few colors in it. Click Here for many fun free designs.

Click Here to learn HOW TO Stitch Plastic Canvas

*Have the design or the shape already cut out from the plastic canvas since this is often the hardest part to do

*Start the first row, so that the end of the yarn is secure and your child can follow the stitches' direction

*Add a magnet to the back of your child's first project to use as a fun refrigerator magnet - or add a yarn tie to hang as an ornament

Click Here for a great beginner Ladybug coaster/magnet kit!
Click Here for a great beginner Rose coaster/magnet kit!


*Use an I, J, or K hook since these are larger and easier to hold

*Let your child pick his/her favorite color yarn

*Roll the yarn into a small ball so that your child doesn't have to be concerned with pulling the yarn out of a skein and it will help to keep a more even tension for the stitches

*Learning how to hold the hook and drap the yarn over your fingers is confusing enough - keep your first lessons to just learning how to do the basic chain stitch

*Keep practicing just chain stitches until your child is comfortable manipulating the hook and yarn before going on to teaching other stitches

*No chain is ever too long! Here are some fun things to do with chains: Use them as shoelaces, as bow ties for a teddy bear, as "ribbon" to wrap a gift, as a "snake", or as a "ribbon" to tie in your hair

*Let your child make small projects to start - such as a 3 to 5 inch square of single crochet rows - use this as a potholder, a rug in a dollhouse, a coaster, etc. Stitch 2 squares together around 3 of the sides for a small purse and use the practice chain for the handle/strap

*Another good, beginner project is a winter scarf - don't forget to change colors for a fun striped effect!

Click here for FREE kid's patterns by Cherie

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"How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God!
And the children of men take refuge in the shadow of Your wings." Psalm 36:7

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