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Words of Comfort offered by other Crafters
from around the World
regarding the Sept. 11, 2001 tragedy.

"I am one of your newsletter subscribers in Indonesia. I would like you to know that I join all other people in prayer to God for strength and comfort for those who become victims of the tragedy. May He be with us all."
Best regards, Stefani

"In England we are shocked and horrified to see & hear what has happened to your fellow Americans. We as individuals and as churches are praying and weeping as we saw what unfolded. Our prayers are for you as a small token of our strength and love for you all."
God Bless you all, Paula C.

"There are so few words to say that are meaningful at this time other than those uttered in prayer. Thank You."
Your sister in Christ, Pat

"Mahalo Nui (thank you very much) for the Ribbon of Peace and Prayer of Comfort and Strength cross stitch patterns. I work them as I watch the continuing news about the terrorist attacks. They are helping me work through my emotions about the attacks. I have been feeling rather helpless through all of this, especially now that I am no longer in uniform. If I were able, I would re-enlist now, but then if I were able, I wouldn't be a civilian--I'd still be active duty. Anyway, thanks again for your cross stitch designs. I hope they are helping others as they are helping me."
Dania K., Women Are Veterans Too

"I just wanted to thank you for your patterns in memorial. I'm working on the one with the torch right now. I have found what it means to be constantly in prayer-this act of senselessness has been horrible for all and I pray for the comfort only our Lord can provide. "
Thank you, Colleen P. from La Mesa CA

"Thank you for the Memorial Patterns. My 20 year old son, Scott, is a member of the Air National Guard in Ohio and was called up today for active duty. My prayers are with all that have been effected by this horrible tragedy."
Teri C. from Minford, OH

"I just wanted to thank you for the patterns you sent as a result of last week's tragic events. I decided I had to do something so I made little pillow kits for my friends and family who cross stitch. I dug out my stash of 4th of July fabric and found the perfect fabric to make 6" tuck pillows. I then cut aida and thread and made a kit. I have brought them to work to distribute today. Thanks so much for sharing these patterns with us, I have something to remind me of how lucky I am to be alive in all this mess."

"I've just viewed your memorial and would like to thank you for it. I'm an Australian with an American friend who is struggling, like everyone, to come to terms with what is happening, I hope to stitich this for her. Please know that there are a lot of people in Australia, and Ipswich Queensland, which is my little bit of the world, praying for the United States right now and will be for a long time."
Yours in Christ, Susan S.

"Thank you for the free patterns commemorating the tragedy on the east coast. I will stitch them with pride and hope. The one with all the verses from the psalms is beautiful."
Kathy S. from Minnesota

"Thank you so much for making this wonderful pattern and psalm available to us. I intend to begin mine immediately and will hang it in my home as a forever reminder of this horrific time and a constant reminder of where our thoughts should always lie."
A cross stitch friend, Barbara from Florissant, MO

"Thank you for the "liberty pattern" It is such a wonderful way to remember all the folks in NY."

"Thank you so much for the instructions for the prayer sampler. I have been greatly affected by the tradegy in New York and Washington. I live in Utah and thank God my family and friends are still with me. I also have been through a lot of strong emotions since Tuesday. Everything from anger to deep overwhelming sadness for those whose lives were lost and have lost family and friends."
Marie J.

"I am so touched by your generosity in making this beautiful chart and verse available to stitchers free of charge. It is beautiful, and will help so many of us cope with this horrible tragedy. I've been stitching nonstop during the day since Tuesday, it has helped so much. But I've felt I want to do more. I plan to stitch this chart at least once and donate it to a worthy cause in either New York or Washington DC, as soon as I find out where it will help. God bless you for your thoughtfulness!"

"I really support what you are doing with this new free design. This is a very powerful and tragic situation, I am only sixteen but I am not naive. I think if our great nation pulls together we can all get through it!"
Cordially yours, April B.

"Thank you SO much for the designs--I have printed them and will be cross-stitching like a nut this weekend to send to all of my family--they are great to send in gratitude for what we still have as Americans and for all that the Lord has been so generous to give us personally."
Patsy D.

"Even though I'm from Singapore, I can understand the shock and hurt that all of you in America are going through now. It was such a senseless act and I hope that those responsible will be brought to justice."
Regards, Christine (Singapore)

"First could I just say how touched I am by the prayer, thanks...A group of us here in the UK are making cushion covers for the people of America devastated by the past weeks happenings." (they will be stitching the liberty torch on their cushions).
Kind Regards, Angela

"Thank you...I plan on working your pattern in small plastic canvas so I can wear it as a pin."

"Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;
Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God." 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

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